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Refork is a Czech green-tech start-up that is changing single-use plastics to achieve sustainability.

Drawing from previous experience with manufacturing, our founder and his team spent several years looking for a solution. In 2018, they discovered how to bind wood flour to natural substances. Ta-da! That is how our iconic fork was born.

As time has passed, we have grown, and in 2019, we founded Refork. Our workshop evolved into a state-of-the-art factory in Prague. We honed our material, thus enhancing our product and manufacturing line. As a result, the fork evolved into a cutlery set. Our iconic fork got a knife and a spoon to tag along. There is a lot of work behind our products as we want them to become the best ones in the market. The fork was only the beginning….

We created a new material based on wood waste, naturally occurring polymers, and a mineral additive. Our material is fully biobased and biodegradable in different conditions from the soil to the sea. We use this material to manufacture various products like cutleries, straws, and toothbrushes.

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From nature, for nature. We combine waste and natural resources with modern technological know-how to replace single-use plastic items with innovative solutions. Welcome to the material renaissance.

We make day-to-day situations more sustainable by developing a new alternative to single-use plastics.


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