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The Startup Disrupt team was founded in 2020 and is dedicated to help business and tech disruptors to change the "old" way of thinking in industries, products, and services.

The idea has been built by people from global entrepreneur communities and startup enthusiasts. The purpose of Startup Disrupt is to become a startup platform designed to provide knowledge, inspiration, connection to entrepreneurs, startup founders, technology innovators and startup communities all over the world.

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We’re not happy about status quo. That doesn’t mean that we moan and complain about everything around us like annoyed teenagers. Quite the opposite. We’re super excited about the talent, activity, and potential we see around us every day. The whole world is changing, with disruptive technologies, new approaches to state organisations and educations, and the shaking up of old institutions. The Czech Republic, celebrating its 100 years recently as well as 30 years since the liberation from Communism, has had a very tumultuous century. We’ve been thrown around by various despotic regimes and went through a lot of oppression.

Now is our time to shine. We have unprecedented talent, a vibrant international community, world-class researchers, and great ideas. Let’s disrupt our own society and move to the next level, as well as take this infectious entrepreneurial, non-conventional spirit abroad.

That’s our mission, and where Startup Disrupt really comes together. We bring together talented individuals, mentors, companies, host events, and create a space for any curious mind and institution to thrive in. We encourage and actively support innovation and don’t see ‘disruption’ as a bad word; we see it as a mechanism for a better future.

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